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The app making chauffeured luxury vehicles your first choice!

Get Picked Up is a revolutionary new way to book a hire car (or limousine) in Australia. If you've experienced the frustration of booking a taxi only for it to never turn up, then Get Picked Up is for you.

As a customer, you want a quality and reliable transport service. We make arranging hire car transport easy, with the only smartphone app that lets you choose between multiple services and puts you in control.

How booking a Hire Car works the Get Picked Up way

Organising your trip is made easy with our hire car app, which lets you specify pickup and destination addresses, and receive fixed price quotations with accurate arrival times directly from chauffeurs in your area. We take the uncertainty out of personal transport, by offering a guaranteed service at a rate comparable to a taxi fare. We are making a high class solution available at an affordable price. We offer the following booking features.

  • Agree on the cost of hire with the chauffeur before getting picked up
  • Track the chauffeur as they are on the way
  • Your booking is guaranteed
  • Your selected chauffeur will give you a confirmation phone call and to confirm any additional information (pickup specifics such as where you will wait etc)
  • You have your chauffeurs contact phone number to call if need be

What you can expect from your chaffeur

We employ only the best when it comes to our chauffeur. All of our chauffeurs are fully registered and insured licenced hire car operators for your peace of mind. With an emphasis on superior client satisfaction, we only partner with chauffeurs who maintain a high level of positive feedback from clients.

Receive great service as your chauffeur opens your door, loads your bags and even holds an umbrella out for you in the rain. These are just some of the ways that our chauffers will make your journey a pleasant experience.

What you can expect as a return client

  • Be in complete control of your journey
  • Book for immediate pickup or for future bookings
  • Select chauffeurs by fare quotation, ETA, type of car, feedback rating or payment methods
  • Enter previously travelled journey details with a touch of a button
  • Log online to view all details of past and future trips