For many years, we have been providing international business travellers with professional, reliable, and high quality transport. We understand the specific needs of the business traveller, and we deliver a seamless and professional experience, every time. We also have a large number of processes and quality control checks to ensure our service levels are increasing constantly.


When your people book with GPU, you have the confidence that their transport will be on time. Regardless of when a booking is made - or amended - we reconfirm all bookings with our drivers within four hours of the booking being fulfilled. This eliminates any potential room for error, and ensures our service is on time, every time.

We recognise that business travellers love to have a personal driver when they travel: a friendly face to greet them, and a car they feel comfortable in when in a new destination - or one they travel to regularly. To facilitate this, we allow our clients to provide feedback on our service, and nominate their preferred drivers for future bookings. Whenever one of your people makes a booking, we will check if your preferred driver/s are available, and if so, will allocate them to the booking.

We also reward our drivers with high feedback, and reward quality performance. Similarly, poor service and poor feedback results in drivers being excluded from our network.

When you enable your people to book their transfers with GPU, you can be confident that you will always know what to expect when it comes to costs. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing fixed up-front quotes for all work. Our quotes include all potential costs, such as tolls, parking and airport charges.

Set up a customised business account with GPU, and your staff can make bookings independently (according to any limitations you specify). Our system has been built in-house and is custom designed to fit with the needs of our customers.

Whether you and your team require simple airport transfers, or transport for a multi-day business roadshow, we can provide a fully customised, flexible transport service to cater for your needs. We offer a range of transport options, from luxury sedans and people movers to buses (on request).

Providing your staff with a safe and reliable means of transport is very important. As well as meeting strict regulatory requirements, our drivers all complete Fitness for Duties declarations prior to commencing bookings, so you can be assured they will be well rested prior to commencing each transfer. We invest in the best and most experienced drivers we can. We continually conduct quality control checks, and have extensive pre-screening and on-boarding processes in place to ensure high levels of quality control.

We harness the latest technology for our business processes, and pay market-leading rates to ensure we are able to offer the best possible drivers. We also work with the most established owner-drivers in the market, meaning we can offer small business service of the highest standard - along with the latest technology.

GPU offers your business a reliable and professional alternative to ad-hoc Cabcharge and taxi services. Our vehicles are clean and comfortable, our drivers are friendly and professional, and your staff can establish ongoing relationships with their preferred drivers. You can also enjoy fixed prices that don’t increase with traffic conditions, and there’s no Cabcharge surcharge.